Friday, December 26, 2008

Quick-Change Pad

Quick-Change cloth menstrual pad
$4.00 + $1.99 Shipping Costs
The Quick-Change cloth menstrual pad is made with high-quality materials like all of my products. I want all of my projects to last many years. With proper care, all of my cloth products should last for at least four years. The Quick- Change pad is made with one piece of , two pieces of 100% natural, unbleached cotton, and it is backed with one piece of fleece that works as a leak-guard.

The Quick Change style pad is great for those who don't like the layer-up, bulkier style of pad. This is a thinner pad, so it may need to be changed more often. It is for a medium to light flow.
This is like the All-in-one style pad I have for sale, but the back of the Quick-Change pad is fleece. In the All-in-one, the fleece is on the inside instead of the outside.
This pad has much quilting and metal snaps put on by a snap-press.
As with all of my cloth pads, I can make these in any length. You can pick your own print here .
The Quick-Change pads are for sale at $4.00 each + $1.99 Shipping costs. I do combine shipping on orders.
If you have any questions, comments, or if you are interesting in making a purchase, please email me at . When you email me with an order for cloth pads, please specify which style of pad you want, what fabric print you like, and the length of pad you want.
I accept pay-pal, checks, and money orders.
Thank you so much for looking!