Monday, January 3, 2011

New Soap Varieties of Goat Milk Soap

Peppermint Goat Milk Soap and Cinnamon Clove Goat Milk Soap are now available! These are both beautiful soaps that smell absolutely delicious! They are 100% Natural made with quality oils and ingredients. This soap is wonderful for all skin types, from very dry skin to oily. Many people who use my soap say that this soap has helped with skin problems such as dry skin, eczema, and acne. This is a high quality product. This soap is for sale for $1.00 an ounce plus shipping that I can calculate with zip code. All the soap bars are rough cut and all bars weight is different. I will weigh each bar to find out the price for you. This soap makes wonderful gifts!

If you would like to place an order for some soap, email me @ .

Thank you!

Friday, December 26, 2008


Thank you for visiting From the Past. Below are the links to take you to each item description and price. Thanks for looking!

Cloth Menstrual Pad Sets

Cloth All-in-One Pad
Christmas Ornaments and Basket Tie-ons

Prints for Pads and Cloth Wipes (click here or here)

Quick-Change Pad

Quick-Change cloth menstrual pad
$4.00 + $1.99 Shipping Costs
The Quick-Change cloth menstrual pad is made with high-quality materials like all of my products. I want all of my projects to last many years. With proper care, all of my cloth products should last for at least four years. The Quick- Change pad is made with one piece of , two pieces of 100% natural, unbleached cotton, and it is backed with one piece of fleece that works as a leak-guard.

The Quick Change style pad is great for those who don't like the layer-up, bulkier style of pad. This is a thinner pad, so it may need to be changed more often. It is for a medium to light flow.
This is like the All-in-one style pad I have for sale, but the back of the Quick-Change pad is fleece. In the All-in-one, the fleece is on the inside instead of the outside.
This pad has much quilting and metal snaps put on by a snap-press.
As with all of my cloth pads, I can make these in any length. You can pick your own print here .
The Quick-Change pads are for sale at $4.00 each + $1.99 Shipping costs. I do combine shipping on orders.
If you have any questions, comments, or if you are interesting in making a purchase, please email me at . When you email me with an order for cloth pads, please specify which style of pad you want, what fabric print you like, and the length of pad you want.
I accept pay-pal, checks, and money orders.
Thank you so much for looking!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cloth Menstrual Pad Set

$8.50 + $1.99 shipping
This is 11 layers of absorbancy!

From the Past's cloth mesntrual pad sets are made of new prewashed high-quality fabric. The length of your pad set is whatever you want it to be. I make these pad set lengths from 6 inches to 12 inches. With the purchase of this set you will receive:
One wing pad, five layers thick, made with flannel, and a core of 100% natural, unbleached cotton.
One liner(underneath layer), three layers thick, made with flannel and a core of 100% natural, unbleached cotton.

One liner (underneath layer), three layers thick, made of flannel and fleece. The fleece works as a leak-guard, so it should be worn as the very bottom layer. In total you will receive 11 layers in this set!

These have snaps to close, made with a snap press. There will be two snaps so you can adjust to the size you need.
This will include simple washing instructions.
You can choose your own print.
If interseted in buying a pad set or if you have any questions, please email me @

I will take Pay-Pal and checks.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Goat Milk Soap is now Avalible!

I am now selling goat milk soap. I have three different kinds for sale, I have Peppermint Goat Milk, Tangerine Goat Milk with bits of orange peel, and Strawberry Herbal with dried herbs for a gentle exfoliant.

Here are pictures of the Goat Milk soap:

Tangerine Goat Milk Soap
Peppermint Goat Milk Soap

Strawberry Herbal Goat Milk Soap with dried herbs

All of my soaps are 100% natural. I do not use any dies or anything artificial in my soaps.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Soybean Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, and (in some not all) essential oils, dried flowers, dried herbs, dried fruit peelings.

I sell my soaps for $1.00 an ounce + Shipping cost that will be calculated after order is placed.

All of my soaps are rough cut, different sizes, and different weights.


I am also selling soap savers. These soap savers really save the soap from sitting in water and melting away. The soap saver is not a soap tray. With the soap saver, the soap sits on top of the pegs on the soap saver and all water drains through the holes in the bottom of the soap saver. There are pegs on the bottom and top of the soap saver. The soap saver can sit by the sink or it can be put into a soap tray in the shower. The soap saver is a little over 4 1/2 inches. The soap save is $2.00 + $2.50 shipping costs. If the soap saver is purchased wih a soap order, the shipping costs is free.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you are interested in making a purchase, please email @ .

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Christmas Ornaments & Basket Tie-ons

Christmas Ornaments and Basket Tie-Ons - $2.99 FREE SHIPPING!!!
These are hand - embroidered Christmas ornaments. The ornaments are aprox. 3 inches long by 1 inch wide. There is aprox. 5 inches of ric-rac to hang the ornaments by. You can choose one of the sayings below for your ornament or basket tie-one.
Merry Christmas
Ho, Ho, Ho!
Peace on Earth
You can personalize these ornaments and basket tie-ons with names or dates. Special orders are welcome, but it may take more time to get the ornaments and basket tie-ons made and shipped to you if they are personalized or special ordered.
Basket lovers will love the basket tie-ons for their baskets!
These are very cute!
Prints of back will vary.
When ordering, please specify if you would like an ornament or a basket tie-on.
If you would like to make an order or have any questions, please email me @

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lavender Soap

I am currently sold out of the Lavender Soap. I will be making more in a week or so.
I am now selling homemade Lavender soap. I sell it for $1.00 an ounce. All of my soap is pre-cut. If you would like to buy some, email me at and I will sell you a bar close to the size you need. My bars of soap are close to 1 1/2 ounces.
My homemade Lavender soap is a mild soap with a wonderful lather (see the lather- top picture). It is a long lasting bar. It is great for people who need help with acne without drying their skin. It is wonderful!!! It is best for people with oily skin.
This soap is so good for your skin! It is a healthier choice for soap. There are no harsh chemicals like found in the store manufactured soaps. The naturally occuring glycerin is left in my soaps to nourish your skin. I will have goats milk soap and many other soaps availible soon!
I cure my soaps for at least six weeks for a better bar of soap.

Ingredients in my homemade Lavender soap : Soybean Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Lavender Essential Oil.
If you would like to place an order or have any questions, please email me at . I accept Pay-pal, money orders, and personal checks.
Thank you !

Monday, March 10, 2008

New Pad Prints

Flowers in Brown
Kittens on Plaid

Red Stripes

SunnyMoons Dark Stripe

Green Springtime

Pink Springtime

Bright Triangles and Squares

Little Cowgirls

Black Daisies

Red Penguins

Black Stripes on Blue

Blue and Green Stripes

Here are some of the prints you can choose from for pad orders. You can pick any of these prints for your pad sets or All-In-One pads. If you would like to place an order, send me an email @

In your order, please let me know your favorite print and what length of pad you would like your pad or pad set to be.

Thank You!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New All-in-One Pad

$ 5.00 + shipping

$5.00 + shipping

I have for sale AIO(all in one)breathable pads. They are 5 layers thick.The core is made with two layers of 100% natural, thirsty, cotton,plus one layer of fleece. The fleece is leak resistant and is sew in under the two layers of cotton.This pad has two layers of flannel, the top and bottom layers.
I can make these pads in any lengths!

No plastic in this pad. Plastic or laminated fabric holds in heat and does not allow air flow, this can lead to infections, odor, and discomfort. With cotton and fleece the pads allow air flow, which is much more healthier, and comfortable for you.

This flannel is very soft and has been prewashed in hot water for shrinkage.These pads are so soft that they will conform to your body. They have wings with snaps put on by a snap press. These pads are great for a medium to light flow. Also good for a heavy flow with frequent changing of pads.
I have many of these available in these prints.
Shipping for one to two pads is $1.99
I will combine shipping on orders of two or more pads.
Purchase- four- AIO pads and the shipping will be $2.99
If you are interested in buying or have any questions, please email me @
Thank you for looking!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Cute Fabric Prints for Baby Wash Cloths

~Butterflies on Plaid~

~ Little Cowgirls~

You can pick any of these cute prints for the baby wash cloths. I can make them out of any of these prints.
If you would prefer one of these fabric prints used for your baby wash cloths, let me know in a email. You can email me at
Thanks for looking!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Homemade Baby Wash Clothes~Very Soft!!

$5.99 + $1. 99 shipping
These baby wash clothes or wipes are very soft! They are made with new, prewashed high-quality flannel fabric. These come in many adorable prints!

This set of six are two layers thick. They measure 7 1/4 inch X 6 1/4 inches. Perfect size for washing little bottoms, or bodies. These will make great wash cloths to add a little fun to bath time. A wonderful baby shower gift.
You will get one set of six two layer cloths. I take Pay-pal and checks!
If you have any questions or if you are interested in buying these email me @

Monday, December 10, 2007

Homesewn Deals! Buy Here!!!

Welcome to my blog. I will use this blog to list things for sale. My house is full of nice things that I need to sell, plus I have homesewn items to sell as well. On all of my homesewn items, I use high-quality fabric.
I also have many vintage things I will sell here.
If you are interested in buying any of my items, please send me an email @ I accept Pay-Pal or personal checks.
God Bless,