Friday, August 1, 2008

Christmas Ornaments & Basket Tie-ons

Christmas Ornaments and Basket Tie-Ons - $2.99 FREE SHIPPING!!!
These are hand - embroidered Christmas ornaments. The ornaments are aprox. 3 inches long by 1 inch wide. There is aprox. 5 inches of ric-rac to hang the ornaments by. You can choose one of the sayings below for your ornament or basket tie-one.
Merry Christmas
Ho, Ho, Ho!
Peace on Earth
You can personalize these ornaments and basket tie-ons with names or dates. Special orders are welcome, but it may take more time to get the ornaments and basket tie-ons made and shipped to you if they are personalized or special ordered.
Basket lovers will love the basket tie-ons for their baskets!
These are very cute!
Prints of back will vary.
When ordering, please specify if you would like an ornament or a basket tie-on.
If you would like to make an order or have any questions, please email me @